Hearing Goodnes #2

"still same STORY with..new TASTE..new AMBIENT..new ACT..nice HEARING untill GOODNESS performance.."

well..hearing goodness is an regular gigs held in a every few months with nice HEARING untill GOODNESS performance of many indie bands with the great musicality of various genres. the bands will be perform here have brought some songs from bands that made their music Influences. Something completely different composes them with the original version..yes should,because this is a COVER VERSION.!

# fixed note and support for the witness
with performance act :
- Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun
- Jack And Four Men
- Ansaphone
- Kameramen
- Local Drug Store
- Winter Issue
- Bonchie And Her Little trees
- Cudlle Pop
- Beverages
- The Jugular

Tanggal: 6 Juni 2010
Waktu: 16:00 - 23:00
Tempat: "BAYOU steak & butik" jln. karang tinggal no 10 Bandung..belakang PVJ

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